While this site is not an attempt to cover all things linux, there are many other excellent blogs and sites out there that do that much better than I could ever hope to, I wanted to list here some of the online resources I have used in building my server. These will hopefully be as useful as they were, and still are, to me.

Linux/Home Server Guides:

Have The Know How This guide on building a linux based server was my main resource when I first set out to do this for myself.
Digital Ocean There are of course many excellent guides and tutorials available on the web, but I always found myself coming back to Digital Ocean and their series of tutorials. They are extremely well written, easy to follow and cover installing almost every web app you could want.
GitHub There is a good list of self-hosted applications which you can install on your server at GitHub.
Google At the end of the day you could list out a whole series of other excellent guides and linux oriented websites, but when you have a query, who's the first person you turn to? That's right, your good friend Google.


Cybrary.IT The primary online resource for free training in all things networking and security. The quality of their content is only getting better and their video series on CISSP is fantastic for preparing you for the exam or just to educate yourself on security principles.
Computer Security Student Their Black Belt series of labs on penetration testing will introduce you to a wide range of offline attacks, and network and web attacks against a series of vulnerable targets. This will give you experience in using the range of tools Kali Linux has to offer, and open your eyes to how your site/server is vulnerable to attack.
Professor Messor Professor Messors series of free IT training videos were instrumental in my passing a number of IT certifications. He covers the CompTIA series, including Linux+ and Security+, and should be considered for any serious learning you want to do on these topics.


Code Academy A great site for learning to code. Their guides to both Python and PHP are well designed and very easy to follow. They will get you comfortable enough with the basics of Python/PHP for you to begin looking up other sites to write scripts for exactly what you need on your site.