Server Accessories

2nd Hard Drive Caddy Tray

Many end user desktop and laptops only come with one hard drive. Servers commonly use two hard drives working together, so if one drive fails the server keeps going and your data is not lost. This is called a RAID1 disk array.

This hard drive caddy will allow you to replace your CD\DVD drive with a second 2.5inch hard drive. Very easy to fit and set up, and works on both desktop and laptop computers.
2Tb Internal hard drive

Add more storage capacity to your server with this Seagate 3.5 inch 2 TB BarraCuda Internal Hard Drive. Save more files and movies to your home file server without having to worry about running out of space any time soon!

This 3.5 inch hard drive is for servers built with a desktop computer. If you are using a laptop for your server, you want to use a 2.5 inch hard drive.
Network Cabling, CAT5e, 10M, White

A cable connection between your router and your server is going to be much more reliable and easier to configure than having the server run over a wireless connection.