What’s the use in having a server if you can’t have any fun with it? As much fun as it is installing, running and trialling various applications and web-based apps, wouldn’t it be cool to run some actual games on it. There are a lot of search results for games servers on the web, many … Read more Games

Secure FTP

One of the best uses of your home server is to save data, whether it is files on a file server, photos, movies or music, etc., to the server and access it on many devices in your home. In terms of moving the files/data to the server, there are two ways of doing this: through … Read more Secure FTP

Installing Security Updates Automatically

When I first installed my server, I was given the option of installing updates automatically. At the time I reckoned it would be better if I did it all manually, and so chose to install all updates manually. This includes security updates. The best option is to allow Ubuntu to install security updates automatically, and … Read more Installing Security Updates Automatically

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