Ubuntu 18.04 – Update the Time Zone

Depending on what timezone you are in, you may find the time on your servers clock is out by a bit. The easiest way to check the current time setting is by running the date command:

If this is incorrect, you need to reconfigure the timezone of your server. To do this, run:

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Ubuntu 18.04 – Set Static IP Address

On previous Ubuntu server versions, a static IP addresses was set from the /etc/network/interfaces system file. In Ubuntu 18.04, NetPlan has been introduced to manage the network settings. This involves a different directory and a different syntax for editing the network settings file. To set a static IP address, go to /etc/netplan. In this directory … Read more Ubuntu 18.04 – Set Static IP Address

Understanding the Linux Filesystem Structure

When I first start experimenting with linux operating systems, I was quite confused by the structure of the linux file systems. Having grown up solely on Windows computers, this was very different to anything I had seen before, and took some understanding and time before I became familiar with it. Linux is based on the … Read more Understanding the Linux Filesystem Structure

Installing Security Updates Automatically

When I first installed my server, I was given the option of installing updates automatically. At the time I reckoned it would be better if I did it all manually, and so chose to install all updates manually. This includes security updates. The best option is to allow Ubuntu to install security updates automatically, and … Read more Installing Security Updates Automatically