Career Change – what do you want to know…?

This site was inspired by the knowledge I gained when upskilling and learning Linux when changing careers. A few years back, I was working in the pharmaceutical sector, weighed down by regulation & paperwork, and deeply unhappy with where my life and career were going.

I really enjoyed computers. I was the go-to guy in my department, but all of the really fun stuff was looked after by our own IT guys. I was so sorry I hadn’t done something more IT related in college… but it was too late now. Mentally and health-wise I was not in a good place.

Now that I had a family to look after, I truly felt that there was no turning back… at the ripe old age of 38!

Thankfully I got talking to an IT support guy in my company who encouraged me to go for the CompTIA A+, and it just snowballed from there! A+, Network+, CCNA, Security+, LPIC, starting a Linux oriented website!, …

Eventually I pieced together the path to changing careers, gathered my courage and made the leap. Only it wasn’t so much of a leap, as just a gentle step to the side.

A step to the side in order to overtake and pass my career at its maxed out stage!

Even the most feared aspect of it, the dreaded financial drop, wasn’t that big of a deal. I was able to manage that very easily and within 18 months had surpassed the highest salary I had earned in the pharmaceutical world.

Having gone through it and looking back now, I see the steps as clearly as they truly are. How easily, confidently and successfully it can be done, irrespective of age. They say the greatest battles are in your own mind, and it is oh so true!

I want to take all that I have learned from the process and put it out there for others to learn from. I’m thinking of a series of videos to go through the process of moving into a career in IT, whether it be programming, infrastructure, cloud, application support, etc…

I’m thinking of something along the lines of, how to identify the area of IT you are drawn to, and then the process for preparing and then moving into a new job, career & lifestyle.

I want to ask for your help in this. What should I include?

What would or do you want to know about in terms of changing careers to move into IT?

I’m hoping it will benefit someone with the same challenges and fears I had, and help both speed up the process and bring them to a more successful and rewarding life, as has been my experience.

If you have any ideas, feedback or comments please feel free to send them to me using the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

– – Dermot 🙂