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This site is about setting up and running your own server at home. Some of the tasks we will cover will include running various applications to:

  • Store and share files across your home network
  • Run an always on torrent server so you can download content you want
  • Run a movie server so you can stream movies from your own private library to a home media device
  • Run a home media system for showing movies on your TV
  • Store your photos online and view them all through a web browser

As we go through the setup of a server, you will also get familiar with and learn how to manage the Linux operating system. This is a great opportunity to learn various Linux commands and practice them. We will also cover a variety of security topics, such as:

  • Running and managing a firewall
  • Running an Intrusion Detection System
  • Running server based Anti-Virus
  • Running scans of your server and other computers on your network for open ports, exposed applications and vulnerabilities