Search for Torrents with qBittorrent

Once you have your torrent client installed, you are now ready to begin downloading torrents. While torrents have many uses in distributing software, they are probably most infamously known for being the download mechanism of choice for downloading movies, music and other such copyrighted material. Some ISPs are recording IP addresses of downloaders on behalf of entertainment organisations and issuing warning letters, and also taking steps to block torrent search engines like Pirate Bay.

As such I would advise you to proceed with caution, and consider signing up to a VPN service which will mask your IP address if you do indeed intend to download such content.

In this post I wanted to cover two methods for searching for files for downloading using qBittorrent.

Torrent Search Engines

The traditional way to find and download content is to search for torrents, copy the .torrent link and paste this into your torrent engine. This is the way most torrent clients work. A great deal of software is distributed via torrents, and you can find torrent files on many download sites across the internet.

Most linux distributions provide torrent links for downloading their software directly on their sites, or you can use torrent search engines for searching for content you want to download.

To download torrents, copy the torrent link. In qBittorrent, go to File > Add Torrent Link and paste it in. Press Download, and the download should begin automatically.

The second method, and what puts qBittorrent ahead of other torrent clients in my opinion, is its built-in search engine.

Using qBittorrent Search

qBittorrent comes with a feature allowing you to search for, and download torrents, all from within the torrent tool. This is extremely handy, and saves you from having to ensure the countless pop-ups and questionable ads which are often a part of torrent search websites. To use this you must first add a search engine plugin.

First, you need to copy the link to a search engine plugin. These are hosted on Github. Right click the download icon for one (or more) and copy the link for the .py file.

In qBittorrent, go to View and click on Search Engine. Click on the Search tab which has appeared on the right hand of the screen.

Click on the Search Plugins button on the bottom right. Click on Install a New One in the window which opens up, paste in the link for the plugin and click Close. The search engine should now appear in the list of Installed Search Engines as Enabled.

Searching Using qBittorrent Search

Searching for a torrent is easy enough after this. In the Search tab, simply enter the term you are searching for in the Search box on the left. Click on one of the options which appears in the window beneath and click Download.