The Difference Between Unix and Linux

When I started building my linux home server I really didn’t know much about linux or the history behind it. As I researched the operating system to learn about it, I kept coming across references to Unix, almost side by side with Linux. There didn’t seem to be a big difference between the two, so was Linux not Unix?

I recently came across an article on which gives some history behind Unix, its origins and how it spawned the Linux operating system we know and love today. It gives a nice overview of the (closed source!) origins of Unix in AT&T Bell labs in the 1960’s and how it lead to the birth of the BSD family of operating systems in the 70’s. Finally in the 1990’s, through the work of Richard Stallman and Linux Torvalds, the open source GNU Linux operating system was born.

To say Linux has taken off since then would be a massive understatement! Its portability and openness has lead to it dominating the server and cloud markets, being a key component of embedded devices and the current rise of IoT, and capturing the lions share of the mobile device market through the linux-based Android operating system.

There are many good articles online charting the rise of Unix/Linux, but this is a good one which gave a good history of the two without overly heavy on detail. I enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you.